How does it work?

We have built an automated deal generation sales system combined with CRM tools to manage and track performance and activity.


Automated Sales Funnel

Guaranteed demand for the right products, in the right place, at the right time

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Simply set up your profile to get first look at qualified RFQs sent directly to you

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Just list your inventory, we market and sell your material for you

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Our unique model maintains your privacy and protects your deals from competition


Manage Quotes Easily

Live interface with tools to track your deals supported by our sales team

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Your matched opportunities are sent directly to your dashboard and email

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Manage multiple deals at once on your deal board and live negotiation system

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Meaningful Dashboard and Metrics to track your company wide performance


Your Best Customer Ever

We chase you to buy your materials, we pay you fast and we arrange the logistics

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No more time-consuming order chasing, Reibus does this for you.

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Unlimited growth potential with access to the entire market in seconds

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No more credit limit headaches or logistical problems, trust us to take care of everything

Massive sales opportunity for you and your team

Supported by your dedicated account contact, we deliver qualified buyers to you, with the complete details needed to make a deal