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Reibus was born out of frustration and desire. Frustration with the glaring structural inefficiencies within the industrial material supply chain, and the desire to introduce a long-lasting solution.

An experienced team of leaders you can trust

Meet the management

Jon Haley

chief revenue officer

Jon is a dynamic and process driven sales leader of national teams in the construction markets. His diverse experience with customers includes Producers, distributors, and OEM's, Jon builds teams to rapidly increase revenue while simultaneously creating systems for long term growth.

John Armstrong

Founder and CEO

John is a leader who consistently challenges the status quo, building teams to execute transformational change quickly and efficiently. Most recently John led a global industrial material procurement team before successfully leading one of the largest Metal Building Component manufacturers in North America.

John Blount

COO & General Counsel

John cut his teeth leading a tier-one automotive supplier and holding key leadership positions within a large metals fabricating business. He has considerable CEO, CAO, and GC experience and fully understands the needs of investors. John is a proven driver of high-performance, high-integrity cultures in challenging, dynamic environments.

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